Understanding Value

What is Value?

the value of value:

Lets focus on value.  I admit I am still a student of value myself.  So this lesson is for me and those in my classes.  The virtual instructor gives us a good definition:

Value in a painting

Value can also be a part of describing atmosphere in a landscape or any painting that has shapes or subjects behind a main subject.  The "Helpful Art Teacher"  Has described it very well here:

value in atmospheric perspective

click here to find out more about what is going on.


Now an interesting twist in watercolors is that you do not typically use white or black to lighten or darken a color.  Not using black or white watercolor paint is to be a "purest" watercolorist.  To increase the colors to a high key value you just add more water and less pigment.  See the note in this link about white paint in watercolors and how it changes the transparency.  I will end with an example of a  high key painting of mine.

high key painting