Easy Watercolor Portrait

How to paint an easy watercolor portrait

my son Trent

Find a good clear photo

This is my son when he was 18 (a few years ago) He gets his good looks from his Dad, isn't he handsome?  Anyway, enough of me bragging. This portrait process I have taught in my classes at Studio 22 where I teach watercolors and collage.
I want to share this process with you and show some examples of this lesson that I first found here.

I edited the photo in pic monkey.  I chose 3 colors in the posterize filter.

3 color watercolor easy portrait

Time lapse video of me painting an easy watercolor portrait:


My completed easy watercolor portraits of my four kids:

Woessner kids

Some examples from my art students:

Now you are ready to give it a try yourself, but first go to  pic monkey to edit a photo.