My Paper Recomendation

best watercolor paper

Watercolor Paper Tip

The most important tool is excellent quality paper.  Do not use student grade paper even though you are a student!  Student grade paper does not react properly with watercolor techniques which can lead to frustration.  It will produce non typical results encouraging poor habits in technique.  You are not doing yourself any favors by buying student grade paper!

Please use “Arches” brand watercolor paper.  My most commonly used weight is 140# cold press. It comes in a 90# and a 300# as well.  The hot press is smooth.  I prefer the bit of texture/tooth in the cold press.  They also make a rough texture which is even more tooth.  Along with this paper I like to use “Cheap Joe’s” , goof proof, watercolor notecard sets for creating notecards.  By the way Cheap Joe’s online store is a fantastic economical place to buy art supplies.  They also have learning videos and tips on their resources link on their site.