What Nourishes Me

What activities make you feel refreshed, energized, or more calm and centered?

As for me, I feel refreshed after creative activities.  Such as, cooking something new or adding a twist to an old favorite, selecting new flowers to fill up my front porch and studio entrance pots, writing in my journal and discovering a new idea, creating class curriculum, staging and decorating my home and studio to invite visitors with an aesthetically welcoming spirit, using my camera to capture a beautiful moment, playing with editing software, or watching others creating things with their hands.  Some other life giving activities for me are reading, a fifteen minute savasana, an engaging heartfelt conversation with someone, connecting with God while reading my bible or hearing from God through a sermon at church.  This is fun!  Some other ways I feel refreshed is when sitting in a coffee shop with a great vibe, listening to engaging podcasts, learning something new, trying new foods, window shopping, hanging out in libraries and traveling! 

Something I have learned from a recent book I read ("Happier Now" by Nataly Kogan) is that a commitment to self care or doing things that nourish you do not make you lazy or weak, in fact it helps you get more done while also doing it better.  There is scientific evidence that supports these benefits. Her book is so encouraging, insightful, lots of personal examples from her and others. I loved it!

So if you are like me this new year has prompted me yet again to renew some good intentions, habits, and living in gratitude.  Part of that journey is to nourish myself and not feel guilty about it but to,...
"Consider it a necessary ingredient in optimizing your capacity as a human being to work, care for people you love, and share your gifts with the world." -Nataly Kogan

I would love to hear back from you on What activities make you feel refreshed, energized, or more calm and centered?

If creative classes are part of your nourish yourself journey, head over to my “classes” page for opportunities at Studio 22

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