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 come as you are


Studio 22

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I am a self taught artist who paints colorful transparent watercolors, which reflect subjects that excite me.

I paint special commissions for others as well.

  Painting makes my heart sing.  

I am also passionate about passing on the joy behind the paintbrush. I create a safe and encouraging space for others to build artistic skill and confidence.  it inspires me to nurture the creative journey.

come as you are

 welcome to my site where you will find My art, opportunities to join me for in person or online classes or workshops, along with tips and inspiration. 


"I was thinking about what you said after class, and I have to say that while I haven't done much water color painting, I am a very good student in that I have respect for my teacher's knowledge and try to listen and follow directions.  Tonight I had the most success when I tried to remember what you had said and did that.  I really like your work, and am delighted to get the opportunity to see you in action in a setting where I can ask questions and feel relaxed.  Thanks for creating such an open and encouraging atmosphere.  It is definitely turning out to be worth my time, and I am really benefiting from it on a lot of levels.  I hope you are enjoying it too!  See you next week,"



"Sydney received the package today and is overjoyed, and delighted, said she's been wanting one of your pieces for a few years. Her daughter lives in Fayetteville so she visits a lot, sees you at the farmer's market, has taken pictures on her phone of your work. She's a happy gal!! Thank you for making her dream come true." -Diana

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Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.
— Julia Cameron
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