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Hello Everyone

Saturday, March 9th.  9:00 a.m. - NOON

I am delighted to bring you this workshop where we will paint watercolor trees. Through the years of teaching I have discovered that trees seem to stump (excuse the pun) those learning watercolor. So I want to take these three hours and concentrate on these stately beauties that land in our landscapes.

No experience needed.

I hope you will join me for this creative opportunity.




$35 - Student brings own supplies

$50 - Workshop instruction plus all supplies needed to use during workshop

$85 - Workshop instruction plus art Kit to use and keep

kit includes: watercolor paint set, 3 watercolor brushes, arches watercolor paper and foam board to attach paper to.

Registration now open


in this workshop we will:

Practice Basic watercolor techniques to create a variety of trees.  There will be an effort to push the trees into a loose suggestion instead of a tight photo realistic approach.


Arches 140# cold press paper

4, 10, 16 round watercolor brush

1" flat watercolor brush

liner watercolor brush (optional)

watercolor paints

masking tape

foam board or gator board, approximately 11" x 14"


meet your instructor -

Beth - Beth is a self taught, full time artist who creates, paints and leads art classes at Studio 22. Painting and being creative makes her heart sing.  She is also passionate about passing on the joy behind the paintbrush. She creates a safe and encouraging space to come as you are to build artistic skill and confidence. It inspires her to nurture the creative journey.