"Thank you to Beth, for helping me again find my artistic side that I left somewhere back in my high school art room. It was a splendid couple of hours making watercolor note cards with you. You and your studio are such a blessing. I joyfully await our next class." - Kim


"I just want to let you know how informative and inspirational your class has been.  You taught me so much as I have never worked in watercolors before.  I admire your work and you inspired me to learn more.  You made it fun and exciting. I enjoyed more getting to know you as a fellow artist and friend.  I can tell you have a beautiful soul and it comes out in your artwork.  I look forward to future classes.  May God bless you and family." - Carol


"Beth, I loved the class.  I really liked that you gave us a theme but we got to pick our own subject.  I learned a lot listening to you talk about your own work and the advice you gave, off the cuff to all of us.  I liked the feeling in the room and the support and encouragement.  I felt inspired being around everyone. I really like your teaching style and admire you as an artist.  I can't wait for our next class.  And after that, I want to switch to a watercolor class.  I'll keep sharing and letting people know about your classes!" - Lucinda


"Thank you so much for teaching us so many wonderful new techniques.  I thought you were very well-organized in your teaching method.  You had good examples of work that you sent by email or brought to class.  I really liked the idea of themes.  It made me think of ideas, and do art that I wouldn't have ordinarily done.  Your creativity is infectious, and I appreciate your openness to let us try all kinds of materials, ideas, etc.  I especially appreciated the materials that you brought to class to share.  I enjoyed looking at the books you brought too.  I have shared my experience with many people! Thanks again" - Missy 


"Oh Beth! I thoroughly enjoyed your class- you were so supportive and encouraging and I know we all appreciated that.  I was really apprehensive that nana wouldn't enjoy herself.  She's been telling me for the past week, "I'm not a painter. I'm not any good." But I think the positive environment you created really helped.  Thanks again." - Paige


"Your art classes have been as beneficial as therapy and cheaper too!" - Stan


"I do so appreciate your abilities to ‘teach’ and share your great skills.  Not everyone can.   I have a friend in Florida who is a fabulous artist, but she can’t explain or teach!   I so enjoy your classes and the fact that we can laugh at each other as we struggle to put the water and pigment on the paper.   I look forward to the next classes.   I appreciate you too."   - Cathy


"I have been painting with watercolors since your work shop!! so much fun.  Thanks for getting me excited to paint !!!" - Debbie


"...from last Monday’s class: What resonated with me the most is you said we weren’t learning how to paint flowers, we were just learning about warm and cool.  I have been happily painting fun loose flowers this week!" - Jude